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Learning Opportunities for Research, Innovation, Education, Enterprise and Collaboration from COVID-19 Journey

Global Pandemic COVID 19 has so far caused unimaginable, unprecedented & severe disruptions and damages in all aspects of life in the world.

Among all sectors of society, Healthcare sector is subjected to the maximum stretch of its capabilities & capacities on all fronts, as we speak.

Would like to share our COVID 19 journey from a Tertiary healthcare institution’s perspective, the lessons we learnt and are still learning with abundance of opportunities for Research , Innovation , Education, Enterprise & Collaborations.

How do we turn crisis into opportunities for growth & development ? and How could we be better prepared in our next Global crisis?

About the Speaker

Prof Hsu Pon Poh

Changi General Hospital

About the Speaker

Prof Hsu, Pon Poh is currently Deputy Chairman, Medical Board (Surgical disciplines) & Assistant Chairman, Medical Board (Clinical Development & Performance Excellence); Senior Consultant Surgeon & immediate past Chief of ENT Department; Founding Chief, Department of Sleep Medicine, Surgery & Science (Director, Integrated Sleep Service); Advisor & Past Chairman, International Liaison Unit; Advisor & Past-Chairman for Clinical Trials & Research Unit of Changi General Hospital (CGH), Singapore.

He also serves in various capacities, past and present, with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, SingHealth Cluster, Singapore Medical Council, Singapore Medical Journal and Charity Organisations.

He graduated with MBBS in 1993, obtained two Surgical Fellowships from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Glasgow in 1998. He also had his post-graduate training at Oxford & Stanford University. He received his Fellowship from Academy of Medicine, Singapore in 2002 and his Doctorate in Medicine by Thesis/Research (M.D.) in 2003, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management (SMU) in 2010. He has received 29 International, local awards, including National Day Award 2020 in Public Administration & various invited lectureships, and serves as a reviewer/editor for various international academic journals. Pon Poh also teaches at NUS YLL Medical school, Duke-NUS Medical School, SUTD at present and NTU/LKC Medical school in near future.

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Day 1 (30 Sep, Wed)
Prof Hsu Pon Poh (Deputy Chairman, Medical Board (Surgical disciplines), CGH)
Learning Opportunities for Research, Innovation, Education, Enterprise & Collaboration from COVID-19 Journey

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