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Adventures in the Cloud at a Hedge Fund

Chester Koh

Take a peek into what’s it like to oversee public cloud infrastructure in a hedge fund industry and some takeaways for manging infrastructure and devops processes at scale.
Proccoli – Bringing tech to facilities management!
Wang Wei Liang

Proccoli is a SaaS for the facilities management industry. We help clients improve service quality by managing escalating operating costs through automation of tendering process.
2:30pm-2:50pmSecurity Engineering: How to build a chatbot to manage JumpCloud users
Tey Shiying

Shiying will be presenting on what she learnt about security engineering during her internship at Funding Societies Singapore, in which she helped develop a chatbot to manage user access controls.
Exploring the Intersection between Designers and Developers
Caleb Foo

In the constant struggle between illustrators, UI/UX Designers and Developers in website building, I explore the use of templatisation in information design and architecture and generate seemingly fresh web experiences.
3:00pm-3:20pmSkilio: A culture of learning; implementing Angular for Web-development
Goh Yi Ern & Kenneth Heng

Skilio is a start-up with a culture that encourages tracking one’s own self-improvement and actively sharing it with each other. In this presentation, we will also touch on how we picked up Angular at Skilio to work on some projects in building Skilio’s client web-app, aimed to help one track their development in soft skills.

This session has been cancelled as the speakers are unable to make it.
Building an Airside Simulation Model for Changi Airport
Shyam Sridhar

Optimization of airport operations is critical for effective airport planning and management. It is important to understand how flight delays evolve and how different operating conditions affect airport capacity. This helps airport authorities plan and implement efficient long-term expansion measures, enabling smarter decisions with respect to air-traffic demand and management.

Our project aims to develop a tool that would help airport authorities and aviation researchers gain more insights about this information.
3:30pm-3:50pmDBS: StayMasked for Temasek Foundation
Terence Tan

Learn how we built a scalable platform in 3 weeks to process over 1 million masks.

Note: this talk may be delayed up to 15 mins
Ventilation in Worker Dormitories and its impact on the spread of Respiratory Droplets in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Lim Yu Wen

How do respiratory droplets travel with natural ventilation? What are the possible design solutions? In seeking the answers, this study analyses two real-life migrant worker dormitories, in the context of COVID-19.
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