Day 1 Talks

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3:00pm-3:20pmSketching with Deep Neural Networks: Optimizing Design Ideation
Kuan Yi Heng

Yi Heng will be presenting on his summer research internship, in which he participated in a project to develop deep neural networks to augment the ideation stage of the design process.
Nurturing Ground-up Community Projects To Better HDB Neighbourhoods In Bukit Panjang
Benjamin Goh

The importance of urban farming is increasing because there is a growing need to ensure Singapore’s food security. To contribute to Singapore’s self-sustainability efforts, this UROP explores different geometric designs to build an urban farm in a HDB neighbourhood.
3:30pm-3:50pmInterning at SIMTech: The Physical & The Digital
Gan Jia Jie
Ng Yu Yan

Taking the lead in Singapore, SIMTech paves the way for manufacturing industries to follow in both the physical and digital realm. Jia Jie will showcase SIMTech’s work on re-engineering Aerospace parts while Yu Yan will display how dashboards bridge the gap between industry partners’ pain points and SIMTech’s solutions.
Beyond SUTD: What do you need in a real-world software project?
Lin Huiqing

In this talk, we will be covering what goes into a software engineering project from start to finish. This includes common software development practices, testing, documentation, and tools which the industry uses for these processes.
4:00pm-4:20pmIndustrial Design for Various Products of Biobot Surgical
Siti Nurbaya

Industrial Design tasks do not merely just concern the aesthetic aspect of the product. They require understanding of manufacturability, user-friendliness and marketability. In this presentation, I will be sharing the role I took to bring the engineers’ and users’ demands into the end-product of Biobot Surgical. 
Introduction to Backend Development
Filbert Cia

An experience of an inexperienced backend developer  in creating a server for a nation-wide campaign. During this presentation, I will be sharing my learning points about working as a backend developer intern in a tech startup.
4:30pm-4:50pmScratchbac: A Community Support Platform
Jerry Neo Theng Tat

Social welfare in Singapore has always been closely linked to our top-down government policies. In the wake of Covid-19 and multiple withdrawals into our past reserves, can this approach really be sustainable? Learn more about the vision of Scratchbac; where social welfare is privatised and put into the hands of our community members using technology and a peer-to-peer platform model.
Most optimal vs most efficient? Intro to Reinforcement Learning & Causal Learning and Field Applications

Causal learning is new branch of AI that emulates causal linking that the human brain unconsciously achieves. It achieves an accurate enough output with half the speed of conventional systems. Developed and demonstrated through playing an Atari game at A*STAR’s IHPC Labs, this presentation will touch on the introduction of the 2 systems, and their existing applications in various fields.
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