Celebrate Learning by Reflection

Reflection plays a very important role in SUTD education with a notion that one can continuously improve by reflecting upon his/her past experience. We hold LCC yearly to provide a very good platform for our students to reflect upon the experience they gained over the year in various programmes they have participated. Most importantly, LCC forms the final step (Reflection) in the 5 phases of UPOP. In my talk, I will share with you the importance of reflection for your personal development and how you can use it as a good learning tool for your study. I will also provide my own experience in using reflection for my study, research and work.

About the Speaker

Professor Pey Kin-Leong


Kin-Leong Pey is currently the Associate Provost (Undergraduate Studies & SUTD Academy) and the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Chair Professor in Healthcare Engineering at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Kin-Leong was appointed by the Singapore Ministry of Education to take up the current SUTD position in 2010. Kin-Leong received his Bachelor of Engineering (1989) and Ph.D (1994) in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. Previously, he held a Fellowship appointment in the Singapore-MIT Alliance and various research positions at the Institute of Microelectronics, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Agilent Technologies and National University of Singapore. Prior to taking up the current appointment at SUTD, he was the Head of the Microelectronics Division, Director of the Nanyang NanoFabrication Center and Director of the Microelectronic Centre in the School of EEE at the Nanyang Technological University.

Kin-Leong is a senior member of IEEE, a Fellow of the ASEAN Academy of Engineering & Technology and Institute of Engineer, Singapore. He was the General Chair of IPFA2001, Singapore and the co-General Chair of IPFA2004, Taiwan. Kin-Leong was the Guest Editor of IEEE Transactions on Devices in and Materials Reliability in 2003-05 and 2007, and the Chair of the Singapore IEEE REL/CPMT/ED Chapter in 2004-05 and 09. He has been an Editor of IEEE Transactions on Devices and Materials Reliability for more than 10 years.

Kin-Leong has published more than 209 international refereed publications, 223 technical papers (including 6 keynotes and 68 invited talks) at international meetings/conferences and 7 book chapters, and holds 39 US patents. Kin-Leong has contributed significantly to the CMOS gate dielectric reliability, especially in the areas of physical analysis of ultra-thin dielectric breakdown mechanism. He was  recognized by the IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop (IIRW) as one of the top 20 experts of the Front‐End device reliability (http://www.iirw.org/ref/reliabilityexperts.html) in 2018 and as a panelist of the Reliability Expert Forum (REF) of “Memory Technologies and Reliability” in 2019. Kin-Leong has graduated 33 PhD and more than 15 Master theses.

With his pioneering effort, the SUTD undergraduate program is now being ranked as the “Top Emerging Leader in Engineering Education” in the MIT benchmarking study on the global state of the art in engineering education (http://news.mit.edu/2018/reimagi‐and‐rethinkingengineering‐education‐0327).

Kin-Leong received a Public Administration Medal (Silver), National Day Awards in 2016.

Event Timeslots (1)

Day 1 (30 Sep, Wed)
Prof Pey Kin Leong (Associate Provost, Office of Undergrad Studies & SUTD Academy)

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