Learning Opportunities for Research, Innovation, Education, Enterprise and Collaboration from COVID-19 Journey

Prof Hsu Pon Poh, Deputy Chairman, Medical Board (Surgical disciplines), CGH

Wednesday, September 30, 2:30pm

Global Pandemic COVID 19 has so far caused unimaginable, unprecedented & severe disruptions and damages in all aspects of life in the world. Among all sectors of society, Healthcare sector is subjected to the maximum stretch of its capabilities & capacities on all fronts, as we speak. Would like to share our COVID 19 journey from a Tertiary healthcare institution’s perspective, the lessons we learnt and are still learning with abundance of opportunities for Research , Innovation , Education, Enterprise & Collaborations. How do we turn crisis into opportunities for growth & development ? and How could we be better prepared in our next Global crisis?

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Learning to Navigate in an Uncertain Future

Michael Fung, Deputy Chief Executive (Industry), Chief Human Resource Officer & Chief Data Officer, SSG

Friday, 02 October, 4:30pm

In face of massive disruptions due to development such as Industry 4.0 and COVID-19, embracing lifelong learning is vital to successfully navigating a dynamic and uncertain future.

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